Industrial Line projecting Green Laser Module

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Posted on: 07/14/15
In advanced laser line measuring and alignment working fields, 532nm green laser line alignment tool is just recognized as the most efficient laser. According to special laser beam emitting transverse mode of TEM00, green laser module is just obtaining the best quality green laser line with high brightness, high straightness and high beam uniformity.
green line laser module
Whatever kind of industrial alignment working fields, the generating green laser line is always makes the most rapid line targeting on desired working surfaces with the lowest time consumption and power consumption. Owing to special green laser module selected, this type of green alignment laser is always making the most sensitive green laser light emitting, thus the generated laser line is the brightest and the most visible one among those of visible lasers.
In various industrial line alignment and line positioning working fields, the projecting green laser line is highly required with high stability and high reliability in long term continuous line alignment work. As a result, green laser alignment always selects outside configured DC input power supply as its power source. Available with wide selection of operating voltage range from 3V to 5V, the generated green laser line always keeps enough power supply, thus make sure of bright and visible enough green laser beam emitting in practical use.
Beside proper operating voltage electric power supply, green line laser alignment is always equipped with efficient thermal emitting system. Inside the tube of laser alignment, it contains enough space reserved metal heat sink cooling system. Among all available cooling system, metal heat sink always gets at least 10 times better thermal emitting performance than others.
green line laser alignment 
On consideration of possible line alignment in some of harsh working environment, durable structure is always very important concern from the beginning of the design of this green line laser alignment. 532nm green laser module selects aluminum alloy housing material passing through anodized and anti-statistic treatment, it is just getting wide range of operating temperature stability. This advanced alignment laser is always workable from -10 degree until 50 degree Coleus. In process of long term continuous line alignment work, laser users should always obey proper laser rules, and take active measures to keep full protection of human eyes from all powerful laser radiations.
When users are making line alignment at quite long working distance, users should just choose high powered green line laser alignment. On basis of 26mm diameter laser tube, this larger size green laser module also gets super nice thermal emitting in continuous line alignment work. After simple connection with electric power supply, the operator of industrial alignment laser only need to make proper adjustment of laser line targeting direction, and then it will make the most satisfied line alignment for all using fields.


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