AMERICA/NICARAGUA - Support also by the American government for the Bishops' commitment to national dialogue

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Posted on: 06/07/18
Managua - The US government supports the efforts of the Episcopal Conference of Nicaragua in the search for a negotiated solution to the conflict taking place in the country: says Vice President Pence during a reception of the OAS , a few hours ago. Here are his words: "In Nicaragua, the government of Daniel Ortega, as we all know, is committing and condoning terrible violence against its people in recent days, including attacks on a peaceful protest in the country’s Mother’s Day celebration that injured hundreds and killed nearly a dozen innocent people. On Saturday, June 2, that chaos claimed the life of an American citizen. And our deepest sympathies are with his family, but they’re also with all of those who have lost loved ones in this senseless violence and crisis. The United States and our allies must speak with one voice and say to the Ortega government: The violence must end, and the violence must end now! The United States calls on the Ortega government to end the attacks on peaceful protestors and uphold its citizens’ basic rights, and turn Nicaragua back toward democracy".
The National Dialogue, which sees the participation of the Bishops as witnesses and mediators between the executive and society, was officially suspended on May 31, as the government continued the repression against the population. Representatives of the Catholic Church have however drawn the attention of international organizations and media on the dramatic situation that the country is experiencing.

The European Union, in one of its declaration, expresses solidarity with the families of the victims of May 30 and condemns the continuing violence in the country and the excessive use of force by the police and "uncontrolled" groups, defined as unacceptable because they violate the fundamental rights of citizens and make the conditions for peaceful dialogue more difficult.
The Apostolic Nuncio in Nicaragua, Archbishop Waldemar Stanislaw Sommertag, after his private meeting with Pope Francis in the Vatican to talk about the social-political situation of this country declared: "The Holy Father is well informed and prays a lot in order to reach a peaceful solution, through this national dialogue in which the Church has the role of mediator and never withdraws from its responsibilities. The Church of Nicaragua has never abandoned its people", emphasized the Polish Archbishop. "In every moment of the life of these people, the Church is a close, merciful, fraternal, spiritual presence, but it is also a very concrete presence, materially speaking.
I am convinced that in this delicate moment a lot of prayer and courage are needed in the defense of common sense and to find a peaceful solution", concludes Mgr. Sommertag.
Nicaragua has been living a socio-political crisis for almost two months, the bloodiest since the '80s, which has left more than 100 dead and nearly a thousand wounded, according to figures from the Nicaraguan Center for Human Rights . The protests against the government of Daniel Ortega began in April due to the failed social security reforms and were accentuated by the killing of young protesters . Every request for justice from the population is answered by repression.


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